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HACCP becomes BRC

Hygiene standards are essential for the food-paper sector. This also applies to BRANOpac.

For many years the brand Blechrein – and its manufacturer BRANOpac – represents high quality papers at food industry which can be used for cooking, baking, steaming, separating or for numerous other applications. Due to decades of experience and know-how in production processes, the topics of hygiene and safety have always been a priority. BRANOpac has always been working after the HACCP concept – “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points“ – a quality tool designed for food production and handling.

In the course of the last year, BRANOpac has decided to obtain additional certification for the high standard of hygiene that has been used in the production for several years. Just a few weeks ago, the DQS Frankfurt audited the food sector, this time also with the addition of the "BRC GLOBAL STANDARD FOR PACKAGING AND PACKAGING MATERIALS" as part of the annual audits and BRANOpac was subsequently awarded the "BRC Packaging Certificate”.

The BRC certificate is a food hygiene certification recognized worldwide by the “Global Food Safety Initiative”. It is popular on an international basis and recognized by customers worldwide. Compared to the HACCP certificate a significant increase has been achieved.

As a result of the audit, BRANOpac GmbH in Lich was rated top grade A, which underlines the high standard once again. Additionally, the company has been tested in the category of "High Hygiene Risk", which expresses that it can withstand the high BRC requirements for direct food contact.

A high quality standard is also anchored in the corporate DNA of Blechrein. It reflects these standards in every product as well as in its integrated services and competences, because Blechrein is “more than just a baking paper” – in every sense.


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