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Printed parchment paper

Printed Parchment Paper

Which colors can be printed on the paper?

The colors are the crux of the matter when you want to print on parchment paper. You cannot simply use any colors because parchment paper is a so-called food contact material. Foods that come in contact with this paper are usually consumed at the end, so the papers should not be colored.

Packaging, napkins, cutlery and even paints used in the food industry are regulated by the European Union Regulation (VO (EU) 1935:2004). This basic regulation states that food contact materials must not alter the appearance, taste or smell of food. In addition, they must be safe with regard to human health. These specifications must be checked for each material, taking into account the intended use. For example, napkins and cutlery must be tested for color fastness to saliva, deep-freeze packaging may not have any effect on the packaged food even after several months of storage in the freezer etc. For baking applications, it must be taken into account that the material is exposed to high temperatures, e.g. 220°C for 30 min.

In addition to the statutory regulation, there is also a recommendation from the Federal Office for Risk Assessment (Bundesamt für Risikobewertung), the BfR 36/2. This so-called positive list depicts substances which are classified as harmless by the BfR and may be used accordingly. However, it does not mean that substances that are not mentioned are automatically risky. In many cases, they have not gone through the complex release procedure of BfR and nobody commissioned the BfR to carry out the audit.

Consequently, you cannot print any "food colors" on the food paper, because they must also withstand baking temperatures up to 220 ° C. Of course, this clearly limits the choice of colors. With our Blechrein food papers, we only use colors that are approved by the VO (EU) 1935:2004 and partly also by the BfR 36/2 list. Using the flexographic printing process, they are printed on our parchment papers. The colors used for Blechrein are regularly tested for their safety as food contact materials at a temperature of 220 ° C.

Thus, you can fully enjoy everything that is prepared with our beautiful and sometimes exceptionally printed food papers.

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