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Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Fluffy chocolate biscuit and creamy cream cheese are combined with sweet strawberries in this dream of a cake. Doesn’t it look pretty good on our Blechrein Fruits ?


Ingredients for 1 rectangular baking dish


4 eggs

150 g of sugar

1 packet of vanilla sugar

170 g of flour

4 tablespoons cocoa powder

1 teaspoon Baking powder

1 pinch of salt


250 g quark

250 g cream cheese

2 packets of vanilla sugar

300 g strawberries

Mint leaves (optional)



Separate eggs. Beat the egg whites until stiff and set aside. Beat the egg yolks with sugar and vanilla sugar until creamy. Mix flour with baking powder, cocoa and salt and stir in. Carefully fold in the egg whites.

Lay out a rectangular baking tin with Blechrein fruits and fill in the dough. Bake in the oven at 180 ° C for about 15 minutes.

In the meantime stir cream cheese with quark and vanilla sugar until creamy. Let the dough cake cool and spread with the cream cheese.

Wash strawberries, remove stalk and quarter. Distribute evenly on the cream cheese topping.

Keep cool for a few hours.


Baked on Blechrein Fruits

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