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Swiss roll with mandarins

Blechrein swiss roll with mandarins

Delicious swiss roll with mandarin filling, which the blogger Korbi of Korbis Backwerk prepared with Blechrein Girls.



4 eggs

160 g sugar

160 g flour

4 tablespoons cold water

¼ TL Baking powder

Food colouring at will

Blechrein Baking Paper Boys

a toothpick

For the filling:

350g cream

4TL SanApart

1 vanilla sugar

1 tin of mandarins



  1. first prepare a swiss roll dough as follows. Beat the eggs with sugar and water until creamy, fold in the flour and baking powder by hand and whisk.
  2. put about 6 tablespoons of the dough in another bowl and stir in food colouring of your choice until the desired colour is achieved. Repeat the previous step for more colours.
  3. prepare the piping bag (if you don't have a premade one, you can also roll up a sheet of Blechrein in a funnel shape and cut a small hole at the tip). Line the baking tray with Blechrein Girls.

Tip: To prevent the baking paper from slipping, put some water or dough between the baking tray and the baking paper.

  1. paint the motif with the coloured dough. Place it in the preheated oven at 180 to 200 °C for about one to two minutes so that the painted motifs dry slightly.

Tip: Use a toothpick to trace the finer points of the motif.

  1. take the baking tray out of the oven and spread the remaining non-dyed dough evenly over the baking paper with the filled motifs. Bake the dough in a preheated oven at 180 - 200 °C (top and bottom heat) for a some10 minutes until it becomes golden brown.
  2. after baking, turn the finished dough onto a sugared cloth. Remove the sheet of Blechrein and turn the cake base.
  3. for the mandarin filling, whip the cream with San Apart and vanilla sugar until stiff and spread it on the biscuit. Spread the drained mandarins on top.
  4. Now carefully roll the biscuit with slight pressure to a swiss roll.


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