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DIY Muffin-Cups

If you have a strong craving for muffins, but you don't have any muffin cups at home, you don’t have to forgo the delicious cakes any more. Because with our Blechrein baking papers it is very easy to make pretty cups by yourselves. And thanks to the joyful Blechrein prints, your DIY cups will for sure be an absolute eye-catcher.


You’ll need:

2 sheets of sheets Blechrein baking paper



glass or can

muffin tin

That's how it works:

  1. Cut squares of 12x12 cm (for mini-muffins 8x8 cm) out of your favorite Blechrein paper.

  2. Put the squares of baking paper over a glass (or a can), which fits well into the muffin mold and press well.

  3. Put the glass with the baking paper in the muffin mold, press firmly again and remove the glass.

  4. The paper should now stay well in the muffin mold so that the dough can be filled in easily.


Happy baking with Blechrein!

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