History - Blechrein


Blechrein - Das Backpapier


Over 50 years ago, a solution was developed from an everyday problem: Baking paper was supposed to make tiresome greasing and cleaning of trays a thing of the past. The future belongs to Blechrein, because our specially developed food papers allow even the stickiest cake to release without any problems - so that the special remains special. The additional option of having the food paper also individually printed makes Blechrein unique even today.

1963 – Our first baking papers find their way into households and bakeries

1964 – The brand name Blechrein was established

1968 – For the first time, the baking paper is also printed with information about the baking paper as well as handling instructions

1990s – Now customer-specific motif papers with individual prints are also possible

2002 – Foundation of BRANOpac India Pvt. Ltd.

2007 – Foundation Office in France

2007 – Foundation Office in Italy

2010 – HACCP certification

2011 – PEFC certification

2013 – Representation in Croatia introduced

2015 – Foundation Office in China

2015 – Opening of competence center India

2015 – Introduction of an own energy management system according to DIN EN 16247-1

2016 – Foundation of BRANOpac USA

2019 – BRC certification

Over the years, Blechrein has developed from a simple baking paper into an all-rounder in the kitchen, trusted by a large number of bakers, pastry chefs and cooks, as well as hobby chefs and gourmets who appreciate Blechrein's wide and unusual range of food papers.

Blechrein More than just a baking paper.