Blechrein Fit

We guarantee that using our Blechrein Fit papers will reduce fat in oven-baked food by up to 20%. As well as this, the paper is ideal for draining off foods after frying or deep-frying. Excess grease and liquids are absorbed by the special filter paper and stay out of harm’s way – in our Fit papers!

The products of our line “Fit” are suitable for convenience food products and are used by catering industries, restaurants and convenience food manufacturers.

Blechrein Slim

Property Siliconized filter paper with grease barrier, can be used on one side
Grammage 105 g/m²
Base paper used Laminate made from a bleached filter paper and a bleached parchment paper with a natural greaseproof effect
KIT/DIN KIT 10-12 / DIN 3
Printing Blechrein Slim printing, customer-specific printing possible on greaseproof paper side
Approval / certificates EG 1935/2004, EG 2023/2006, EU 1169/2011, LFGB

Blechrein Fit

Property Filter paper, can be used on both sides
Grammage 80 g/m²
Base paper used Bleached filter paper
Printing No printing
Approval / certificates EG 1935/2004, EG 2023/2006, EU 1169/2011, LFGB, BfR 36/2