Salmon-Spinach-Cups - Blechrein

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Kabeljau auf Fenchelgemüse

Perfect for your next party are these delicious salmon and spinach bowls, which simply taste fantastic and are an eye-catcher on our Blechrein Party.

Ingredients for 6 persons:

1 fresh roll of puff pastry 

100g (3 slices) of smoked salmon

200g (½ cups) spinach, frozen

200g (1 cup) cream cheese

pepper salt


  1. Defrost the spinach in a sieve and drain well. Cut the smoked salmon into cubes.
  2. Combine cream cheese with the spinach and the salmon and season with pepper and salt.

  3. Preheat the oven to 200 °C (400 °F).

  4. Roll out the puff pastry and cut into squares (approx. 8 cm).
  5. Add a teaspoonful of the salmon spinach mass on each square and squeeze the ends of the puff pastry to form a cup.

  6. Place puff pastry cups on a baking sheet, lined with Blechrein Party and bake for 15 minutes until crispy.

Prepared on Blechrein Party